Only 3 km from the city centre

B&B De Potyze is situated in the countryside. Nevertheless, it is only 3 km away from the city centre, halfway between Ypres centre and Passchendaele - Zonnebeke.
Long walks on the medieval fortifications, the magnificent Cloth Hall, the majestic Cathedral, the shopping market on Saturday morning, many different museums and nice pubs and restaurants make Ypres a real beauty in "De Westhoek". Every three years folklore is at its best with the Cats’ Parade (Kattenstoet).

Miles of distraction and recreation

More than 20 bicycle routes bring you to the finest places in "De Westhoek". With its enormous amount of small countryside routes "De Westhoek" is also an absolute must for motorbike recreation.
In between the Heuvelland, with its several hills, and the North Sea you can find many small villages with their own folklore, traditions and gastronomy.

Witness of World War I

The many war graves and monuments in and around Ypres are a silent witness of what happened in the beginning of last century. The daily Last Post and the Flanders Fields Museum are a tribute and memory to what happened here.